Autor T. S. Dne 10/Jul/2024 :

    Tytuł : Grape ape auto
    Komentarze : Outdoor grow. 14 weeks seed to harvest. Very dense and solid buds. A lot of thc. Buds have purple bits and the leafs turned dark purple in the last 2 weeks. Smells outstanding. +-100 gr trimmed and dried. I will be growing these beauties again.

    Autor M. H. Dne 02/Jul/2024 :

    Tytuł : M. H.
    Komentarze : Eigentlich war ich sehr zufrieden, schnelles Wachstum und zügig in die Blüte gegangen. Jetzt aber Pollensäcke an zwei Nodien entdeckt :/ Ab Woche 2 nur Outdoor gewesen, die Umweltfaktoren waren wohl zu widrig :(

    Autor S. H. Dne 11/Jun/2024 :

    Tytuł : Grape ape autos
    Komentarze : I’m currently running these , I’m at week 10 and no signs of flowering. They’re getting huge , out growing my greenhouse . Hope they show signs soon

    Autor A. V. Dne 11/Jun/2024 :

    Tytuł : Great strain
    Komentarze : Excellent quality of the strain, fast flowering

    Autor T. W. Dne 16/May/2024 :

    Tytuł : T.W
    Komentarze : sensibel aber die Arbeit lohnt am Ende ☆☆☆☆☆

    Autor T. S. Dne 16/May/2024 :

    Tytuł : Tim S
    Komentarze : Super Sorte Super Geschmack!

    Autor W. H. Dne 09/May/2024 :

    Tytuł : Satisfied
    Komentarze : Easy growing had 2 out of 3 to germinate and at 6 was now

    Autor E. T. Dne 22/Apr/2024 :

    Tytuł : Great
    Komentarze : Great easy to grow

    Autor M. H. Dne 05/Feb/2024 :

    Tytuł : Grape ape auto
    Komentarze : I had to get some of these just the look in the picture alone had me hook these are the best looking plants I’ve seen the colour looks amazing too and I can’t wait to start growing them when you thought you was amazed at what royal queen seeds already produced they hit you with this gorgeous looking flowers and I’m so glad to be part of the growing family from dealing with customers service which is the best in the world by far and second to none to their amazing team of expert growers RQS get better every year thank you RQS for everything you do ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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