Autor J. B. Dne 09/May/2024 :

    Tytuł : Great product
    Komentarze : lol I don’t buy seeds from any where but RQS

    Autor L. V. Dne 29/Feb/2024 :

    Tytuł : nice
    Komentarze : good growing strong and beautiful didn’t get to harvest yet but it’s promising

    Autor B. D. Dne 22/Nov/2023 :

    Tytuł : Very nice first grow ever!
    Komentarze : Wish I could send pics!.....everyone I gave this away to said some of the best they ever had. Feels good that I picked an honest and most advanced seed company.

    Autor S. F. Dne 21/Sep/2023 :

    Tytuł : Wow!
    Komentarze : 5stars all the way around. Easy grow. One of my plants smell like grape welches!

    Autor P. M. Dne 19/Sep/2023 :

    Tytuł : Wonderful plant to grow
    Komentarze : I grew my apple fritter with these wonderful seeds from royal queen. From germination to flower genetics were spot on and grew wonderfully. The harvest and drying was fun and tasty. A must try grow wonderful flavor and aroma.

    Autor D. D. Dne 21/Aug/2023 :

    Tytuł : Insane growth
    Komentarze : The experience with this cultivar has been nothing but pleasant! Super fast growth, found to be a lighter feeder than most strains I've dealt with. In my 4th week of flower and I'm nothing but impressed! Bought a 3 pack and all 3 germinated. Highly recommended.

    Autor L. G. Dne 10/Jul/2023 :

    Tytuł : Fast Germination!
    Komentarze : I used the paper towel method and seed sprouted in 2 days, very happy so far!

    Autor M. R. Dne 29/May/2023 :

    Tytuł : Awesome service!
    Komentarze : Fastest shipping I’ve ever received and I live in NY! Overall great experience and I’m super pleased. Love the gift aswell!

    Autor J. L. Dne 18/May/2023 :

    Tytuł : Monsieur
    Komentarze : Excellente variété . Le parfait mélange entre arôme et puissance . Faire attention néanmoins , je ne recommande pas pour les cultivateurs novice car : La plante est quand même assez sensible à la sur nutrition , sous arrosage / sur arrosage . Ensuite ce n’est clairement pas une plante qui se démarque par la quantité de fleur , mais par la qualité . Donc en gros c’est super intéressant si vous avez la possibilité de la faire pousser dans de bonnes conditions environnementales.

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