Autor M. C. Dne 11/Jun/2024 :

    Tytuł : GrowMan
    Komentarze : Super variété, germination au top, croissance en scrog super facile, actuellement en milieu de floraison, de grosses têtes commencent à se former, j 'en suis très satisfait ! Merci RQS

    Autor J. A. Dne 04/Jun/2024 :

    Tytuł : Veg stage!!!
    Komentarze : Strong grower, highly recommended 10 gal pot develops beautiful canopy super easy to grow. Lots of bud sites developing.

    Autor L. R. Dne 30/May/2024 :

    Tytuł : Perfect
    Komentarze : Hatten bisher super Erfahrungen im Zelt gemacht. Super Samen, sehr pflegeleicht und ein super Ertrag! Immer wieder gerne!!!

    Autor K. O. Dne 16/May/2024 :

    Tytuł : Critical
    Komentarze : Excellent quality, good taste.

    Autor C. B. Dne 16/May/2024 :

    Tytuł : Working great
    Komentarze : Easy to germanate. Ok yeald.

    Autor M. K. Dne 16/May/2024 :

    Tytuł : Marci
    Komentarze : 10/10 100% Keimrate und ein unglaublicher Geruch

    Autor M. S. Dne 09/May/2024 :

    Tytuł : Exelent
    Komentarze : Super strain

    Autor R. G. Dne 09/May/2024 :

    Tytuł : Unglaublicher Erfolg
    Komentarze : Ich habe zehn Samen gekauft und sie sind alle gekeimt. Eine tolle Qualität des Produktes.

    Autor S. P. Dne 09/May/2024 :

    Tytuł : Robuste leckere Pflanze
    Komentarze : Ich war sehr zufrieden mit der critical. Hat lange als Mutterpflanze herzgehalten und hat mich nie enttäuscht. Kann ich jeden empfehlen

    Autor C. L. Dne 09/May/2024 :

    Tytuł : Critical
    Komentarze : a classic

    Autor N. S. Dne 29/Apr/2024 :

    Tytuł : Great seeds great company
    Komentarze : These seeds make strong plants with good yield. RQS is a great company. Tip: I always use a cap full of peroxide to a bottle of water for germination. I've had 100% germination rate even with seeds purchased the previous season!

    Autor W. M. Dne 25/Apr/2024 :

    Tytuł : Mr. M
    Komentarze : Eine richtige Power Pflanze. Nach 8 Wochen ein leckeres Zitronen cannabis. Gute Ergebnisse mit dem SOG unter einer 600er Natriumdampflampe. Outdoor zeigte sie sich robust und gedeiht berechtig. Benötigt um sich richtig ausreifen zu können ein wenig mehr Phosphor in der Blütephase. Ertrag in der Zeit top, hatte nie etwas schnelleres. Würde die Wirkung als guten Standard bezeichnen.

    Autor C. B. Dne 25/Apr/2024 :

    Tytuł : First time growing!
    Komentarze : Got this seed as my free seed and I only needed 1! Was the best plant by far and I got about 3 oz of dry herb out of it!

    Autor T. C. Dne 25/Apr/2024 :

    Tytuł : incredible
    Komentarze : I tested them indoors and they grew great

    Autor E. U. Dne 09/Apr/2024 :

    Tytuł : 2Pac
    Komentarze : Top Produkt! Sehr Resistent und verzeiht fehler. Andere Sorten sind da kritischer beim Anbau. Viel spass beim rauchen macht es auch. Würde es jedem ohne bedenken weiter empfehlen. Westside4Life

    Autor B. P. Dne 11/Apr/2024 :

    Tytuł : Germination
    Komentarze : 6 of 10 germinated in coco soil

    Autor D. B. Dne 27/Mar/2024 :

    Tytuł : 3 Weeks into Flower 🌼
    Komentarze : I'm very much a new grower in Ohio looking to get that Bang for my buck. I have several strains I've started out with, but my 2 critical plants are destined to be some Dank producers! Look at all of the bud sites on these things!

    Autor J. M. Dne 27/Mar/2024 :

    Tytuł : 420 Critical
    Komentarze : Ich habe die Pflanze outdoor angebaut und sehr schlecht in der Wachstumsphase begleitet und sie ist trotzdem ein halber Baum geworden. Nicht gerade unauffällig, aber richtig fette Buds und guter Ertrag. In Deutschland muss man am Ende nur aufpassen weil sie schon sehr lange in der Blüte ist und das Risiko besteht, dass sie schimmeln kann. Trotzdem einen Versuch wert!

    Autor V. L. Dne 13/Mar/2024 :

    Tytuł : My very first Strain!
    Komentarze : This was my very first strain I ever grew and I have to say it made the whole process easy! I would recommend this for any beginner grower starting out. I ran a simple DWC system bucket and air stone type I ended up yielding 7 ozs larf included. I was so happy lol I still have 2 seeds left that I’m prolly going to use this year I like it so much.

    Autor J. L. Dne 12/Mar/2024 :

    Tytuł : Loved it
    Komentarze : It got the job done would grow it again 👍🏻

    Autor J. L. Dne 08/Mar/2024 :

    Tytuł : She was beautiful
    Komentarze : Critical was my first grow ever. Beautiful and busy, dense buds, and great smoke. Easy maintenance. Highly recommend.

    Autor A. G. Dne 07/Mar/2024 :

    Tytuł : Excellent 4 of 5 Stars !
    Komentarze : Very happy with 9 out of 10 seed germ rate and the plants themselves are happy and thriving. I only took one star away because of plant uniformity there are many different phenos happening but all plants look amazing no biggie. I may come back and add a star after harvest and cure and let you know how they smoke and taste. Cheers ! P.S. I w̶i̶l̶l̶ did order again.

    Autor J. P. Dne 28/Feb/2024 :

    Tytuł : Herr
    Komentarze : Ertrag war gut, Qualität auch. Hält was sie verspricht.

    Autor D. S. Dne 19/Feb/2024 :

    Tytuł : 5 Gallon DWC - Flourished
    Komentarze : Grew one of these freebies in a 5-gallon DWC setup. Produced some phenomenal flowers with relatively low light use. 180 Watts of light produced around 6 ounces of dried bud. about another 5-6 ounces for bubble hash and butter. Strain was resistant to LST and topping training techniques and did not herm.

    Autor W. J. Dne 16/Feb/2024 :

    Tytuł : Great smell and compact
    Komentarze : I received a free seed from a previous purchase but this is a great strain. I have it growing in a 2x2x5 tent. It's about 3 feet tall and loaded with blooms. The sent is amazing, first time I've had to turn up the fan on my filtration system. I highly recommend.

    Autor J. E. Dne 15/Feb/2024 :

    Tytuł : The Guy
    Komentarze : 9 out of 10 germination But these 9 are strong

    Autor G. B. Dne 12/Feb/2024 :

    Tytuł : Sicura affidabile super produttiva !
    Komentarze : Grande genetica facile da coltivare ! Effetto di lunga durata …effetto afgano ! In outdoor molto facile ! In indoor con metodo Scrog resa impressionante! Love!

    Autor J. L. Dne 06/Feb/2024 :

    Tytuł : High yield
    Komentarze : First major harvest

    Autor C. S. Dne 06/Feb/2024 :

    Tytuł : big harvest RQS
    Komentarze : as a grower i would like to thank RQS. the critical strain does not need much fertilizer and has lots of dense top buds. what else can i say. service and discrete shipping is a plus i wouldn't miss. also recommend the seeds, which germinated after 4days. 5 of 5 stars.

    Autor J. D. Dne 05/Feb/2024 :

    Tytuł : The weed you don't share
    Komentarze : I discovered this strain while living in Bilbao when I was younger. 18 years later, it's still my favorite strain. Smell and taste are amazing! Hits hard! Massive yields! Short flowering period. The ultimate skunk, in my opinion.

    Autor C. R. Dne 02/Feb/2024 :

    Tytuł : Best freebie I've ever received
    Komentarze : The buds were as big as my fist by day 35 of flower. I'm at 7.5 weeks into flower now. Wow. If yield is your goal, this is a good variety for that.

    Autor N. M. Dne 09/Jan/2024 :

    Tytuł : Tastes nice
    Komentarze : Really good

    Autor C. H. Dne 22/Dec/2023 :

    Tytuł : Quality seeds and a great experience
    Komentarze : I bought and planted Critical 2 weeks ago. 3/3 seeds have popped into seedlings. Shipping was faster than expected. They'll be hitting their full sized buckets this weekend. So glad I found RQS for my feminized seeds. They're much more affordable than my local shops and the variety they offer is outstanding. Wish the search bar worked in chrome to find specific strains.

    Autor T. Z. Dne 29/Nov/2023 :

    Tytuł : Pnw out door. Straight pinkish purple hairs. Amazing !!!
    Komentarze : The critical mass has the best look and smell out of 20 different strains i grew. Took a little longer then most strains to be fully finished ( Outdoor in pnw raraly get a full cycle But would recommend. HUGE colas and some of the prettiest weed to grow Smoke ( taste great Stoney. )

    Autor D. C. Dne 17/Nov/2023 :

    Tytuł : Ottima
    Komentarze : Buonissima e ottime rese

    Autor G. G. Dne 15/Nov/2023 :

    Tytuł : Free so cant complain
    Komentarze : I had it in a bed along side other plants and was the only one that didnt really grow or flower, so i just let it freeze outside lol

    Autor C. N. Dne 09/Nov/2023 :

    Tytuł : Great bag appeal!
    Komentarze : The bud is top notch, covered in trichombs and decent smell. I took 2 stars off because the plants aren't uniform. I planted 3 seeds and got 3 different phenos. The bud was great on all 3. One plant was perfectly sized and shaped for a critical, one was like Jack and the beanstalk it had a thick stalk but stretched too much, the 3rd couldn't hold the weight of the buds by itself and needed support. The 3rd pheno was the frostiest.

    Autor T. B. Dne 02/Nov/2023 :

    Tytuł : Dense buds
    Komentarze : Great genetics, pleasure to grow!

    Autor D. W. Dne 30/Oct/2023 :

    Tytuł : Dense Nugget McGee Meets Stonehenge’d!
    Komentarze : Grew this hydroponically outdoors in greenhouse. 8’ peak roof and ended up having to raise the whole thing off the ground bc the plant flourished so well and got so tall (not complaining at all). If done right, look forward to a bountiful harvest and an amazing relaxed stone that will have you smiling for a hot minute. Enjoy!! Thank you again RQS for your consistent quality and another beautiful strain!

    Autor B. M. Dne 18/Oct/2023 :

    Tytuł : Strong plant
    Komentarze : Grows moderately fast big leaves , thick stalk had to move to 3 gallon pot after 3.5 weeks

    Autor K. G. Dne 16/Oct/2023 :

    Tytuł : Whistleblower
    Komentarze : Al bij al goed; redelijk vaste toppen. Aanrader!

    Autor P. B. Dne 16/Oct/2023 :

    Tytuł : Grow box
    Komentarze : In quanto tempo cresce?? Voglio passare un bel natale 😜

    Autor G. B. Dne 09/Oct/2023 :

    Tytuł : Virgin buzz
    Komentarze : First time growing outdoors. Dried, cured and finally rolled my first homegrown joint. Immediate scalp and limbs buzz feeling🫨 like first time! I have three more auto flowers curing and couldn’t be happier with this website!

    Autor L. R. Dne 09/Oct/2023 :

    Tytuł : Big buds
    Komentarze : Love the way it grew and surprised on how fat the buds are. Had a bad storm that came through, broke her down to nothing and she still grew tall and strong

    Autor X. M. Dne 06/Oct/2023 :

    Tytuł : 14 Weeks Outdoors in VA USA
    Komentarze : It has a beautiful Purple color and smells like it, I prefer to eat directly from the plant instead of smoking it. Where I can post my pics?

    Autor M. S. Dne 03/Oct/2023 :

    Tytuł : Seed
    Komentarze : Very god

    Autor S. V. Dne 15/Sep/2023 :

    Tytuł : 5 for 5
    Komentarze : All 5 of my seeds germinated and are now in the dirt ready to go. First time grower and couldn't be happier with the seeds!!! Can't wait for the finished product!

    Autor S. W. Dne 30/Aug/2023 :

    Tytuł : seb
    Komentarze : Pour l'instant la meilleur que j'ai testé, sur des dizaine de variétés. facile a faire pousser et fournit de belles quantités

    Autor L. K. Dne 25/Aug/2023 :

    Tytuł : Good seeds
    Komentarze : All 10 seeds grows healty and greenie

    Autor D. M. Dne 25/Aug/2023 :

    Tytuł : Unbelievable!
    Komentarze : I'm an old hippie, but fairly new grower. I decided to give my new indoor greenhouse something to grow besides flowers for the yard and tried the Critical that I received as a free seed. The yield was unbelievable on such a small plant. It's still curing now, but of course I sampled it and it's great! Can hardly wait to try it after it finishes curing.

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